Preorder: Bio-sensing Pod with Head-up Feedback

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Blueberry helps you adapt to your mental effort by measuring and giving feedback based on your brain activity and heart rate. Blueberry’s adaptive feedback cues help you understand when to take a breakswitch tasks, or try out a guided relaxation exercise.  Blueberry automatically tracks your mental effort for any activity. You will get an alert depending on how long your mental effort has been sustained.

Blueberry works with eyeglasses, headbands, and over the ear headphones.

Use Blueberry’s mobile app to gain insights on and suggestions for improving your habits to reach your own peak performance.

Auto track your brain activity during different parts of your day to gauge mental effort through the mobile app and in real-time with the feedback led. This price includes hardware and software subscription for 1 year. If you require prescription lenses please add the option below we will follow up after your order to get your information.

Blueberry utilizes the same type of technology designed to sense mental effort in medical professionals and fighter pilots in the field and translates it into everyday insight into productivity. To learn about the research on fNIRS, you can click here to learn about mental workload, and click here for information about language activation.

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We designed Blueberry with the goal of helping people who struggle with mental effort in the workplace by creating a tool for better understanding how your mind activates during the day. 


Blueberry comes with:

- light based brain sensing - fNIRS

- companion mobile app 

- blue-light protection lenses for eyestrain and fatigue


HD Camera Version

- HD continuous logging brain activated camera capture to help you remember

- automatic privacy control for people in your surroundings


Early Quotes:

"Great product for effectively measuring cognitive effort during a specific activity. You'll gain insights that you didn't know were possible." - Jared C.

"Insights on my work sessions is a very compelling concept for my productivity. Sometimes I'll keep trying to push through, while I should really be taking a break." -Mon J.

"Blueberry makes me actively think about the tasks I'm working on, and if I feel better, letting me try and rethink my routine." - Roger H.


Test pod shipped as available, March batch full, April for next batch. We swap and upgrade units for you until we reach production. Only available to those who preorder. Fully refundable prior to shipping.