Gain Insight into Your Mind and World

Smart Glasses for Building a Healthy Mind

Use real-time visual feedback to become aware of your cognitive state; with this new super power you can gain deeper insight into how your mind works while working from home. 

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Manage Stress and Learn to Relax Faster with Real-time Feedback

Find Out Why Stress Happens Using Blueberry

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"Blueberry is going to revolutionize how you change and interact with your work day."

Graham T.

"Great product for effectively measuring cognitive effort during a specific activity. You'll gain insights that you didn't know were possible." 

Jared C.

"Insights on my work sessions is a very compelling concept for my productivity. Sometimes I'll keep trying to push through, while I should really be taking a break." 

Mon J.

"Blueberry makes me actively think about the tasks I'm working on, and if I feel better, letting me try and rethink my routine."

Roger H.