Find a healthier mindset

What if you could reflect without effort? Blueberry provides automatically captured data about yourself.

Detailed Historical and Live Data

See real-time metrics, historical patterns, track your own defined cognitive state.

Access all of your data

Your Data Your Choice

Get the new information you need

"In times of high stress or more subtle cognitive work I find myself generally curious as to where I'm at objectively for improving my mental health. I'm learning to use these points to match prior times more effectively. Not only can it provide some objective measurement to current feelings, but also provides an extended reality on numerology & my spiritual practice."

Morgan M.

"Blueberry is the best consumer electronics product I've used across all my tests for direct sub-cranial measurement. The paired app gives a very detailed report of session activity for a casual user who is interested in quantified-self approach to meditation and brain activity during study."

Christopher A.

"Blueberry is going to revolutionize how you work."

Graham T.

Through using
sensors and feedback,

we can simplify mental reflection.

Ultra sensitivity
provides actionable data.

Tech should work for us, give us more time,

deep insight

enable creativity, stronger relationships,

and improve our health.

We provide a new dimension to understand

ourselves and communicate with others.

Use images to help understand your state of mind

Generated using a text to image model based on automatically tracked states and output data