Blueberry: learn how your mind and body responds to the world around you

Know Your Mind and Body

Blueberry uses fNIRS sensing to measure mental activity and heart rate and a motion sensor to understand physical activity. Blueberry combines with audio and visual contextual data to help you understand what give you focus and what helps you relax.

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Attach to your own glasses, headphones or headband

Head-up Feedback

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Bio-sensing that helps you think

"Blueberry is going to revolutionize how you change and interact with your work day."

Graham T.

"Great product for effectively measuring cognitive effort during a specific activity. You'll gain insights that you didn't know were possible." 

Jared C.

"Insights on my work sessions is a very compelling concept for my productivity. Sometimes I'll keep trying to push through, while I should really be taking a break." 

Mon J.